For the past 22 years,  Capriccio Travel has organized annual culinary and cultural holiday excursions to the Tuscan Region of Italy.  Our Italian holidays are designed for individuals who wish to become acquainted with the beauty and splendor of Italy, its culture, traditions and cuisine, through a relaxed pace and atmosphere. 

Capriccio Travel started as an off-shoot of Cafe Capriccio, our beloved Italian restaurant in Albany, New York.  Every year Jim Rua, Capriccio's founder, arranged trips for a small group of friends of the Cafe interested in traveling to Italy.  The cafe also brought staff on the trips to help everyone from the chef to the waitstaff understand the philosophy behind the CafeCapriccio's cuisine.  Over the years, the trips grew wildly popular just by word of mouth and eventually, a formal travel business was born.  We still keep our groups intimate for the sake of a better experience and we have kept the trips to one exceptional experience a year.  We still sell out by word of mouth and fill our excursions in a matter of weeks.  The trip is always amazing and always inspiring!  We do it because we love to share the experience and rejuvenate our own cultural inspiration annually.


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Capriccio has taken hundreds of interested adventurers to Italy over the years.  The trip inspires us, inspires our guests, and keeps our creative culinary and cultural interests flowing.  Many of our travelers have taken the trip more than once and often simply fill the next trip by referring friends and family.  We do little advertising since the group fills fast and is kept to a small size to keep the experience personalized and supportive to everyone involved.  We travel like an extended family!

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Jim Rua & Jeanette Stanziano