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Capriccio Travel® . Offering Intimate, Customized Group Travel Experiences.

Jeanettte Stanziano, Owner  Capriccio Travel®

Jeanettte Stanziano, Owner

Capriccio Travel®

Our holiday tours are designed for individuals who wish to become acquainted with the beauty and splendor of Italy, and other destinations in Europe, to learn about its culture, traditions and cuisine, through a relaxed pace and atmosphere of cultural immersion in a small group atmosphere. When you’re rushing from place to place on a frenetic, “5 second stop and go” tourist schedule, it can be easy to miss what you’ve come for.  

Capriccio Travel® started as an off-shoot of Cafe Capriccio, a local Albany restaurant.  The trips quickly grew wildly popular and, in 2008, a full-service, independent, group travel business was established by Jim Rua and Jeanette Stanziano, far beyond and detached from it’s original affiliation with the restaurant and the small, once a year trips to a single vineyard in Tuscany of it’s origins.  At 75, Jim Rua resigned in 2018 from the travel business but the trips go on with great vision and passion with original founding partner Jeanette Stanziano, who has been at the helm of Capriccio Travel® from the beginning, handling all aspects of group travel, trip development, and customer service, since the day Capriccio Travel opened it’s doors as a leading Capital District Independent Travel Company.

Katie Hohman  Capriccio Travel Partner

Katie Hohman

Capriccio Travel Partner

Through Jeanette’s vision with new business partner Katie Hohman, who brings great seasoned expertise and insight to the company, Capriccio Travel has significantly expanded its business model and now journeys to other important parts of Italy and Europe that focus on relaxation, exploration, local slow food cuisine, the world’s great art, astonishing architecture, fine wine, and cultural enrichment. We run only a few exceptional, intimate experiences a year and strive for excellence in our unique brand of personalized group travel.  We continue to sell out by word of mouth and fill our excursions through repeat travelers and friends and family of previous travelers. 

Jeanette and Katie with our good friend and frequent traveler, Nancy Kern Mayone in San Gimignano enjoying the worlds best gelato.

Jeanette and Katie with our good friend and frequent traveler, Nancy Kern Mayone in San Gimignano enjoying the worlds best gelato.

Italy has been our base for many years and Capriccio Travel® is now branching out to include other areas of Europe to offer our travel family options for more experiences in Europe and beyond in addition to our classic Italy tours.

In 2019, we have offered excursions to Tuscany, Rome & Amalfi Coast, and the Holiday Markets of Germany & Austria. Capriccio Travel® also is taking a special culinary trip to the Emilia Romagna region in 2019 with noted Chef Danny Petrosino of Osteria Danny of Saratoga, which will feature a program fit for a foodies paradise in the epicenter of the most influential cultural region of Italy.

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2020 will feature a grand Spring tour to Spain & Portugal, Sicily, and Tuscany, and other areas of Europe with both public groups and private groups.

Couples or singles, we travel as a family and enjoy our excursions with great conviviality and camaraderie among the group who often become friends beyond our return. What sets our travel business apart is our attention to detail and relentless individualized communication to craft your dream vacation to your individual needs while still enjoying the benefits and convenience of a group experience with a company that takes the hassle out of planning for you.

Join us for an intimate adventure with Capriccio Travel®. Our reputation for travel excellence continues to inspire us and our customers. Let us be your group excursion resource for bespoke travel to Italy, Europe, and beyond!

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before” - Dalai Lama


Our 2019- 2020 Trips


Spain & Portugal Grand Spring Tour
May 6-19, 2020

Our Classic Tuscany Trip October 6-14, 2019 (SOLD OUT)

Holiday Markets of Germany & Austria
December 7-15, 2019

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A Chef’s Trip through Emilia Romagna and Tuscany

Tour the Heart of Italy’s Culinary Soul and Slow Food Community with Chef Danny Petrosino of Osteria Danny. A Gastronomic Adventure with an Incredible Chef!

October 13-21, 2019 (SOLD OUT)



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